Workers Compensation Board of Prince Edward Island

Experience Rating Program

Safety is good for business. By improving safety performance, you can reduce costs to the workers compensation system, and pay lower rates to WCB.

The Experience Rating Program offers a financial incentive to create safer workplaces. At the same time, the program allows the costs of workers compensation to be shared fairly among Island employers.

With experience rating, your assessment rate is determined in large part by your firm's own experience as it compares to other employers in your industry.
  • If you are an employer with a history of claims costs higher than the group average you will pay a surcharge.
  • If you have lower claims costs, you will receive a discount.
All Island employers in no-exempt industries, who have paid assessments of $3,000 or more over the previous three years, will be experience rated.

A claim can affect your rating for one to three years. The WCB will keep you informed about the costs of claims, and for your convenience Cost of Claims Report are available through the WCB's Online Services.

The best way to protect your workers and reduce costs is to prevent injuries from happening. In the event one of your workers is injured, a timely and safe return to work program is an important part of the recovery process, and can reduce the costs of claims.

More information is available in the Experience Rating Program Participant Guide or you can contact us. Our Employers Services staff are available to assist you.