Workers Compensation Board of Prince Edward Island

Corporate Plans

Managing an effective safety and compensation system requires comprehensive planning.

The WCB's 2016-2018 Strategic Plan maps out the future course for our organization and guides the work that we do on behalf of our stakeholders. The plan is based on the WCB’s renewed mission, vision and values, and focuses on six strategic themes:

Enhancing PEI's Workplace Safety Culture

Workplace safety is everyone’s responsibility. This means that we can all make a contribution to a culture of workplace safety, in which injuries are eliminated and all workplaces are safe. The WCB’s strategic efforts will focus on:
  • Educating Island employers, workers, and youth in incorporating safety in all aspects of their workplace.
  • Focussing on higher risk sectors, including health care.
  • Identifying and implementing actions to further advance PEI’s workplace safety culture.
Improving Return to Work Outcomes

Being active, productive and connected to the workplace can promote recovery and well-being for those who have been injured at work. The WCB will work to develop Prince Edward Island’s return to work culture through:
  • Fostering an increased understanding of the benefits of a safe and timely return to work.
  • Developing a framework to support comprehensive return to work planning.
  • Evaluating emerging issues for return to work, including mental health, psychological safe workplaces and the aging population.
Ensuring Financial Responsibility

In accordance with the Meredith Principles, employers are collectively liable for the costs of the workers compensation system. As the administrator of this system on PEI, the WCB must strive for sufficient, but responsive funding and rate-setting policies, as well as the prudent fiscal management of the financial resources entrusted to it. The WCB will ensure financial responsibility through:
  • Re-evaluating the current funding policy framework.
  • Monitoring for future risks and emerging issues.
  • Promoting responsible fiscal management, planning and accountability.
Strengthening Engagement and Partnerships

Effective and meaningful stakeholder engagement is a critical component in the success of any WCB endeavour. The plans to strengthen communication and increase stakeholder involvement include:
  • Implementing a social media strategy.
  • Strengthening relationships, and engaging with partners and communities to further enhance safety culture and return to work outcomes.
The WCB is committed to achieving results and demonstrating our accountability by sharing our plans with our stakeholders. More information about how we meet our goals is contained in our annual reports.

Providing Continued Service Excellence

The WCB is committed to customer-driven service delivery to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients and stakeholders. Strategic efforts to improve our clients’ experience with the WCB will include:
  • Evaluating and enhancing our programs, services and policies.
  • Modernizing the means by which we deliver our services.
Investing in Our Organization

The Workers Compensation Board requires skills, competencies and a commitment to living its values. As part of the 2016-2018 Strategic Plan, the WCB will foster a culture that is representative of its values, and supports the skills and competencies development of its staff. By investing in organization in this manner, the WCB will affect the conditions necessary for services excellence. The WCB will invest in our organization through:
  • Fostering a culture that is representative of our organization's values.
  • Supporting the skills and competencies development of our staff.
If you would like more information about our plans for the future, please contact us.