Workers Compensation Board of Prince Edward Island

Funded Projects

Recently funded projects are listed below.

UPEI – Kinesiologist to Reduce Workplace Injuries – funding will support a Kinesiologist to provide Physical Demands Analyses and Ergonomic Assessments to specific Island workplaces and determine the impact of these services on injury and re-injury rates.

Settlements Inc. – Building Collaborative Workplaces – funding will support the development of a training program, a 1-day conference, and resources to prevent situations of conflict and perceived harassment in non-profit sector workplaces, leading to healthy, safe and collaborative work environments.

Environmental Coalition of PEI – Developing Excellence in Chainsaw Training – funding will support the enhancement of the chainsaw training course through the certification of instructional staff in the Game of Logging program and development of chainsaw safety teaching videos.

PEI Firefighters Association - Combustible Gas Meter Training Course for Industry - funding will support the development and delivery of an upgraded gas detection training course to industries outside of firefighting.

2018 Grant Recipients with WCB officials
2018 Grant Recipients with WCB officials

Training and Education Stream

Atlantic Safety Pioneer Consulting – Process Safety Management Boot Camp – funding will support delivery of training on risk-based process safety management system to technical staff in process industries applicable to PEI.

H-Line Enterprises – Training Solutions for High Risk Sectors – funding will support development of enhanced and expanded safety training solutions for employers who engage in high-risk electrical work activities.

PEI Agriculture Sector Council – Agricultural Train the Trainer – funding will support the development and delivery of a train-the-trainer safety program to enable farmers to disseminate the training to others and use it to establish or update existing standards on their farms (with assistance from the PEI Horticultural Association).

PEI Humane Society - Humane Training is Safe Handling - funding will support the development and delivery of a safety training program video and training guide for those who seize, handle and work with shelter animals.

Workplace Innovation Stream

Health PEI - Preventing Workplace Disability & Supporting Return to Work – funding will support development and application of a work disability prevention program and training resources for staff and management to enhance return to work outcomes.

Queens County Residential Services - Building Positive Support Strategies – funding will support the training around and development of resources to apply the positive behavior support model to enhance safety of those working with clients with aggressive and violent behaviours.

Red Shores - Online Health and Safety Training Program – funding will support the development of an interactive online health and safety program to improve the training experience, comprehension and participation.

Whisperwood Villa - Empowered Back at Work – funding will support development and delivery of a chiropractor-led strong back education and exercise program using interactive and multi-sensory education methods and innovated technology to capture baseline and post-program fitness results.