Workers Compensation Board of Prince Edward Island

Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission
The Workers Compensation Board exists to protect workers and employers through a sustainable
no-fault injury insurance program by caring for injured workers, promoting safe and healthy workplaces and enforcing safety legislation.

Our Vision
Workplaces are safe. Injuries are eliminated. Service excellence is assured.

Our Values

Integrity We honour and are accountable for our commitments to our stakeholders and each other by operating in an open and transparent manner and being responsible for our actions and performance.

Fairness Our work focuses on the needs of our stakeholders and a balance of both worker and employer interests. We consistently apply legislation and policy.

Professionalism We strive for excellence in all aspects of our service delivery. We interact in a respectful, competent and efficient manner. We possess the knowledge, skills and attitudes that foster confidence in our stakeholders.

Teamwork We build a collaborative culture by supporting each other, sharing ideas, opinions, and strengths, and by sharing responsibility and leadership to meet our common goals.