Workers Compensation Board of Prince Edward Island

WCB Welcomes New Medical Advisor

February 02, 2017

The Workers Compensation Board is pleased to welcome Dr. Hendrik Visser as the new Medical Advisor for WCB. Dr. Visser is a long-time family physician and continues to practice part-time at the Wholeness Family Clinic in Crapaud.


As WCB’s Medical Advisor, Dr. Visser will work closely with physicians and other healthcare providers to ensure a positive relationship and a common understanding of the principles of occupational medicine and the benefits of return to work.


Research shows that the longer an injured worker is away from the workplace, the less likely they are to ever return. Returning to work on a gradual basis can benefit workers on a physical, emotional, and social level and can also help employers retain corporate knowledge and experience.


The Medical Advisor also plays a key role in supporting WCB in claim adjudication and claim management by evaluating treatment programs; providing medical advice and opinions; and reviewing medical reports received from health care providers.


“We are pleased to welcome Dr. Visser to our team,” said Luanne Gallant, CEO for the Workers Compensation Board. “Dr. Visser brings a wealth of knowledge and experience, and he will be an excellent resource for our healthcare community when dealing with occupational injuries and disease.”   




Dr. Visser is a graduate of Dalhousie Medical School, and began his medical career in West Africa from 1980 to 1985. His passions are whole person medicine, international medicine and occupational medicine. He has authored several books, including a workshop entitled Defeating Dis-Ease™, an approach to lingering pain and illness.



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