Workers Compensation Board of Prince Edward Island

WCB Staff Directory

Name Title Phone Email
Craig Abbott Service Quality Coordinator 902-368-6044 test
Samantha Allen Long Term Benefits Supervisor 902-368-6355 test
Jonathan Andrews Manager, Prevention Services 902-368-5683 test
Kerri Batchilder Entitlement Officer 902-368-5991 test
Gina Beeley Workplace Services Administrative Support 902-620-3801 test
Sandra Blacquiere Workplace Services Administrative Support 902-368-5595 test
Cathy Callaghan Occupational Therapist 902-368-5763 test
Pamela Cameron Website/Electronic Services Coordinator 902-368-5691 test
Stephen Carpenter Senior Legal Advisor 902-368-5897 test
Helen Carter Assessment Technician 902-368-5827 test
Erin Carver OHS Education Consultant 902-368-5706 test
Scott Carver Programmer Analyst 902-368-6351 test
Carmelle Creed Worker Services Support 902-368-5709 test
Tanya Dennis Accounts Receivable Collections Officer 902-368-6641 test
Karen Derry Records Information Management Coordinator 902-368-4291 test
Sean Doyle Information Specialist 902-368-6368 test
Stephen Enman Server & Database Administrator 902-620-3445 test
Babcock Fernandez Senior Programmer Analyst 902-368-5693 test
David Follett OHS Officer, Health Care Specialist 902-368-6353 test
Gail Gauthier Occupational Therapist 902-368-6354 test
J.D. Gilmour Case Coordinator 902-368-6415 test
Mark Goyetche Technical Support Administrator 902-620-3145 test
Barbara Groome Wynne Senior Policy and Planning Coordinator 902-368-5562 test
Gayani Gunathilake Case Coordinator 902-368-5559 test
Philip Hermann Corporate Processing Technician 902-368-5681 test
Kelly Heydens Work Disability Prevention Coordinator 902-368-6356 test
Shauneen Hood Internal Reconsideration Officer 902-620-3326 test
Travis J. Hunt Project Manager 902-368-6555 test
Caleb Jarvis Corporate Processing Technician 902-368-5573 test
Mitchell Jay Farm Safety Specialist 902-368-6562 test
Patti Jenkins Corporate Processing Technician 902-368-5514 test
Annette Johnson Finance Supervisor 902-368-5708 test
Chris Johnston Manager, Work Disability Prevention & LTB 902-368-5676 test
Mike Kelly Entitlement Officer 902-368-5597 test
Tory Kennedy Director, Corporate and HR Services 902-894-0315 test
Amy LeClair Assessment Technician 902-368-6915 test
Purnima Liyanage Receptionist 902-368-5680 test
Alida Love Occupational Therapist 902-368-5675 test
Kim Lynch Worker Services Support 902-368-5672 test
Joe MacAulay OHS Officer 902-620-3423 test
Darren MacDonald Manager, Information Technology Services 902-368-5669 test
Norman MacDonald CFO 902-620-3047 test
Tracy A. MacDonald Assessment Auditor 902-620-3478 test
Laura Lee MacEwen Entitlement Officer 902-368-5677 test
Tricia MacGregor Administrative Assistant 902-368-5697 test
Shelia MacInnis Worker Services Support 902-368-5687 test
Gaylene MacKenzie Case Coordinator 902-368-4240 test
Krista MacLean Case Coordinator 902-368-5685 test
Audrey MacPhail Executive Corporate Secretary 902-368-5688 test
Kate Marshall Director, Workplace Services 902-368-6358 test
Ann Maxwell Vocational Rehabilitation Coordinator 902-569-7730 test
Joan McCabe Entitlement Officer 902-569-7521 test
Sue-Ann McCabe-Farrell Benefits Administrator 902-368-5679 test
Tracy McDonald Benefits Administrator 902-368-5668 test
Charlotte McGuirk Corporate/HR Officer 902-368-5674 test
Jim McInnis OHS Officer 902-368-5782 test
Ryan Merry Entitlement Officer 902-368-5702 test
Danny Miller Director, Occupational Health and Safety 902-569-7713 test
Amanda Morrison OHS Education Consultant 902-368-4988 test
Cheryl Paynter CEO 902-368-5688 test
Larry Phelan Manager, Facilities & Procurement 902-368-4091 test
Barb Poirier HR Advisor 902-368-6352 test
Wilma Ramsay OHS Officer 902-393-2326 test
Rhonda Scales Assessment Technician 902-368-5859 test
Rosalyn Sellick OHS Officer 902-368-5568 test
Rachel Silver Manager, Employer Services & Adjudication 902-368-5690 test
Jim Smith Service Worker (Maintenance) 902-368-5598 test
Alicia Steele Case Coordinator 902-368-6538 test
Laura Steeves Senior Communications Coordinator 902-894-0362 test
Michelle Stevenson Case Coordinator 902-368-4991 test
Jeff Thompson OHS Officer 902-368-4870 test
Tammy Turner Director, Finance 902-368-4102 test
Dr. Hendrik Visser Medical Advisor 902-368-5596 test
Clare Waddell OHS Youth Education Consultant 902-368-6357 test
Lori Wakelin Program Officer 902-368-4876 test
Janice Whalen Manager, OHS 902-368-5575 test
Jenny White Information Specialist 902-368-6368 test