Workers Compensation Board of Prince Edward Island

Who We Are

The Workers Compensation Board works to protect Island workers and employers through the administration of the Workers Compensation Act and the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

The WCB is governed by a Board of Directors whose mandate is to represent the ownership of Prince Edward Islanders in overseeing the organization's performance. Among the Board of Directors' responsibilities are the approvals of WCB policies, budgets and assessment rates.

The Board of Directors is made up of a Chair and an equal number of worker and employer representatives. Together, they reflect a balance of stakeholder interests in the Island's workplace compensation and safety system.

WCB Board of Directors

The Workers Compensation Board (WCB) Board of Directors: (top from left) Angus Houston, Charlene McInnis, Harvey Larkin, Sandy MacKay, Mike Annear (bottom) Dianne Collins, Stuart Affleck, Margaret Stewart

Responsibility for the WCB's operations is delegated by the Board of Directors to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). The CEO is responsible for the development and implementation of the WCB's programs, processes, policies and procedures.

Our organizational chart describes the way the WCB is structured and how we work together.

There are many ways you become more involved in the WCB:
  • To apply to become a Board member, please visit the Engage PEI website.
  • To find out about opportunities to become a member of the WCB staff team, visit the career opportunities section of our website.
  • To provide input into WCB policies, click on policy consultation.
  • If you have suggestions about how we can improve our service, please contact our customer liaison service.
If you have any questions about who we are or the work that we do, please contact us.

WCB Board of Directors

Stuart Affleck Stuart Affleck has been an Employer Representative on the Workers Compensation Board of Directors since 2008. He was a farm owner and operator for thirty eight years. He has also held many positions through provincial, regional and national organizations such as the PEI Potato Board, East Prince Regional Health Board, PEI Unit 2 Regional School Board, the Employment Insurance Appeal Tribunal and the National Farm Products Council of Canada. In 2007, he served as a member of the Commission on Nitrates in Groundwater. Most recently, he sat on the provincial Farming Consultation Panel and he currently serves as chairman of the Bedque United Church Pastoral Charge.

Worker Representatives
  Dianne Collins joined the Board of Directors in 2011 as a Worker Representative. She is a graduate of the Charlottetown Hospital School of Nursing and worked for over 30 years at Kings County Memorial Hospital (KCMH). Throughout her career, Ms. Collins has been dedicated to improving health and safety for Islanders, serving on the KCMH Occupational Health and Safety Committee and the PEI Health Governance Advisory Council.
  Alexander (Sandy) MacKay has been a Worker Representative on the Board of Directors since 2004. He is a past President of both the PEI Union of Public Sector Employees and the Federation of Labour. Mr. MacKay was a member of the task force that developed the first Occupational Health and Safety Act for PEI and has served on two Ministerial advisory committees that recommended changes to the Workers Compensation Act.
  Charlene McInnis has been a Worker Representative on the Board of Directors since 2004. Injured on the job in 1999, she started working with injured workers groups and became the Injured Workers Organizational Committee Spokesperson in 2002. She currently works with the military community of PEI in partnership with advocacy groups for Canadian Forces members injured in the line of duty.
  Margaret Stewart has represented workers on the WCB Board of Directors since 2005. As a high school English teacher, then teacher-librarian, she was extensively involved in extra-curricular activities at the school, district, and provincial levels. After serving on the Board of Governors and then the Executive of the PEI Teachers' Federation for ten years, from 2001-2003 she spoke for teachers provincially and nationally as president of the PEITF and as a Canadian Teachers' Federation director. Most recently she served as worker representative on the 2012 Workers Compensation Legislative Review Advisory Committee.

Employer Representatives
  Mike Annear has been an Employer Representative and Vice-Chair of the Board of Directors since 2008. He was a member of the 2007 and 2012 Workers Compensation Legislative Review Advisory Committees and served on the Board of Directors for the PEI Road Builders and Heavy Construction Association. For over fifteen years, Mr. Annear has coordinated safety training and programming for Kings County Construction Ltd.
  Angus Houston has been an Employer Representative of the Board of Directors since 2008. He has over thirty years of experience as an employer on PEI working in a number of capacities in both the health, marine and hospitality industries. Mr. Houston has also owned and co-owned restaurants in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and PEI, and currently represents PEI on the Dean’s Advisory Committee to the Chair in Occupational Medicine with Dalhousie Medical School.
  Harvey Larkin has been an Employer Representative of the Board of Directors since 2006. He is an employer in the hospitality industry with annual employment of 20-25 and is a farm co-owner and operator in the turkey growing business. Mr. Larkin has also served as a board member on various community organizations.
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WCB Chief Executive Officer

Luanne Gallant Luanne Gallant joined the Workers Compensation Board (WCB) of Prince Edward Island in 2012. Since then she has held a number of roles including Manager of Human Resources, Director of Human Resources, Corporate and Support Services, as well as her current role as CEO. In this role, Luanne continues to lead the WCB in its Prevention and Safety initiatives and by supporting injured workers.

Luanne is well versed in the Corporate and Human Resources world. She is also trained and experienced in management; labor relations; performance management; policy & planning; recruitment and retention; communication; conflict resolution; strategic planning, organizational development and change management.

Luanne's career features over 30 years in a number of roles in various departments in the public sector. She has been a lead Human Resource advisor in workplace initiatives specializing in realignments, transformation, diversity and Health and Safety. Luanne has coordinated Health and Safety programs and plans and was identified as a leader at ensuring these programs were in place in one of the larger multi-site government departments.
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