Workers Compensation Board of Prince Edward Island

COVID-19: Workplace Health and Safety Information

On March 16, 2020 Prince Edward Island (PEI) declared a state of public health emergency to support the province's response to the COVID-19 global pandemic. As part of this declaration, school closures, daycares and non-essential business were closed. On April 16, 2020 a provincial state of emergency was issued to further enhance and support existing efforts to protect the health and safety of Islanders.

On April 28, 2020 PEI introduced a four phase progressive plan titled Renew PEI, Together. This phased approach gradually relaxed COVID-19 public health restrictions and required a concerted and cautious effort by all Islanders.

On October 1, 2020, PEI introduced a new way of living with COVID-19 through the Going Forward in PEI: The New Normal plan. As part of this plan, the Chief Public Health Office has developed a COVID-19 Alert Level System. There are three levels of alerts that will be in place until the spread of COVID-19 is broadly contained and a vaccine and/or effective treatment is available. The three alert levels are presented by different colors: New Normal (Green), Caution (Yellow) and Restricted (Red). The goal is to remain in the New Normal (green), and the Chief Public Health Office will continue to monitor the situation to ensure Islanders continue to stay safe and healthy.

On November 20, 2020 non-medical masks became mandatory in all indoor public spaces in Prince Edward Island. Wearing a non-medical mask is an additional measure that can be taken to protect others, even when there are no symptoms of COVID-19. Wearing a mask is not a substitute for physical distancing, proper hand washing techniques and workplace disinfection protocols.

Effective December 7, 2020 PEI transitioned into the circuit breaker phase for 2 weeks. This phase is part of the COVID-19 Alert Levels System: Caution and Restricted. This phase is a time-limited intervention to gain control of a COVID-19 outbreak and break the chain of transmission of the virus. The circuit breaker phase restrictions override all other existing sector specific public health guidance.

On Friday December 18, 2020, temporary post circuit breaker measures were put into place. The COVID-19 Post Circuit Breaker Holiday Measures impact businesses and gatherings and are expected to be in effect until January 11, 2021. During this time, Prince Edward Island will remain in the Caution level of the COVID-19 Alert Level System.

All services, businesses, and organizations must modify their operation in light of COVID-19 and are required to create operational plans (COVID-19 Operational Plan Template) demonstrating how they will reduce risk. This will facilitate continuous monitoring and ensure adequate preventive measures are in place.

PEI Public Health - COVID-19 Alert Level System Table