Workers Compensation Board of Prince Edward Island

Resources For Teachers

Every day in our province, young workers are injured on the job. The WCB is committed to raising awareness among our youth of workplace safety, in order to promote safe workplaces now, and in the future.

School teachers have the unique privilege of helping to shape our future workforce. The reality is, while students are busy acquiring skills and knowledge for life careers, they are already spending several hours each week in Island workplaces.

The Youth Education Consultant is available as a resource to you to come into the classroom to speak to students and do some activities to help further integrate their learning around workplace health and safety.

We have also developed a WHMIS 2015: Teacher Primer to coincide with the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS), which aligns Canada’s hazard classification and communication requirements with other countries. This will be relevant to you if you teach WHMIS as part of your course curriculum.

Workplace Health & Safety Lessons for Teachers (English/French)

No matter the subject you teach, we encourage all intermediate and high school teachers throughout the province to spend one class period discussing young worker safety. To this end, we have developed a few general presentations/ lessons that you may find helpful:

Safety at work: Make safety a habit / Sécurité au travail : faire de la sécurité une habitude Are you as safe as you think? / Es-tu aussi en sécurité que tu le crois? Keeping it safe in the workplace: You have a role to play / La sécurité au lieu de travail : tu as un rôle à jouer The content of these presentations is general and as such can be considered up-to-date and relevant to teaching about workplace health and safety topics to students on P.E.I.

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