Workers Compensation Board of Prince Edward Island

Working At Heights

Falls from heights are a significant cause of work-related injuries on PEI and they can happen in a split-second. Serious injury or even death can occur when the required safe work practices for working at heights are not followed.

Any person, working at a height of three meters or more, is required to have a fall protection system in place. This includes when working on scaffolding, on elevated work platforms, on roofs or on any other place that presents a fall hazard.

There are two types of fall protection systems, the travel restraint system and fall arrest system. Both require wearing a full body harness.
  • The travel restraint system prevents a worker from getting too close to an unprotected edge which prevents the worker from falling.
  • The fall arrest system prevents a falling worker from hitting the ground and preventing serious injury.
Our Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Officers frequently visit PEI workplaces to assist employers and workers in understanding legal obligations associated with working at heights.

When working at a height of three meters or more:
  • Make sure a fall protection system is in place.
  • Make sure the fall arrest system worn is the right equipment for the task, that it fits the worker properly, that it is inspected and in good condition.
  • Make sure workers are competent and have received training from a competent person to use fall protection.
  • Make sure a written fall protection plan is developed in accordance with Section 3(11) of the Fall Protection Regulations.
Learn more about safe procedures while working at heights:

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