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Revised WCB Policies - July 27, 2017

Changes have been approved to the following policies: 

Details about the revisions are included in the History section of each policy. The WCB thanks all stakeholders who particpated in the consultation process. 

Revised WCB Policy - April 11, 2017

The WCB Board of Directors approved amendments to the following policy.


The amendments are described in the history  section of each policy. 


The amendments are described in the history section of each policy.
Injured Worker Survey - October 26, 2016

The Workers Compensation Board’s bi-annual Injured Workers Survey will be occurring during the month of November.

The telephone survey is being conducted by an independent research firm, Corporate Research Associates (CRA), who will ask our clients about their satisfaction with our programs and services. Participation is entirely voluntary and confidential.

The survey is one way the WCB gathers feedback from our stakeholders, so that we can continue to improve how we serve Island workers and employers. For the results of previous surveys, please visit the Stakeholder Surveys section of the WCB website. For questions on this survey contact: Barbara Groome Wynne, Senior Policy & Planning Coordinator, or 902-368-5562.

News Releases

WCB Welcomes New Medical Advisor - February 02, 2017

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Laura Steeves, Senior Communications Coordinator
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