Workers Compensation Board of Prince Edward Island

WCB Workplace Health & Safety Conference

WCB Workplace Health & Safety Conference With Key Note Speaker Curtis Weber
Thursday, April 25, 2019
8:00am - 4:00pm
Delta Prince Edward Hotel
Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island
Cost: $175 per person (includes lunch)

The 2019 WCB Workplace Health & Safety Conference features workshops on a wide range of workplace safety topics, as well as a comprehensive trade show of products and services of interest to the region's health and safety community.

Michael Landsberg
Key Note Speaker – Michael Landsberg

Michael Landsberg was the charismatic and outspoken host of TSN's Off the Record—and from watching his show, you'd never guess that he has been battling mental illness and depression for most of his life. Lifting the stigma from this topic, Landsberg delivers a powerful and personal keynote on the dangerously misunderstood issues of depression and mental health. Depression can affect even the most successful of athletes—from Clara Hughes, one of the great amateur athletes in Canada, to four-time World Series winner Darryl Strawberry. Landsberg shares the story of his own battle with mental illness, as well as the unexplored stories of some of the world's most recognizable sports figures, to show us that recovery, strength and hope are possible in some of our darkest times.

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In addition to the key note session, delegates may choose 3 workshops throughout the day to create their own customized learning experience. This year's conference workshops are listed below. Full workshop descriptions are available in the 2019 WCB Workplace Health & Safety Conference brochure.


Workplace Violence- Critical Steps in Prevention Planning - Whether you are an employer, employee or worker representative, we all share a common goal of fostering a safe and respectful workplace, one which is free from the negative effects of workplace violence and other occupational abuses. In order to ensure our collective success, it is critically important for organizations to have in place a comprehensive violence prevention plan. Participants can expect to learn more about the relationship between policy development, workplace assessments and investigations, victim support and emerging trends in training and development to name a few. We will also review the merits, limits and appropriateness of conducting individual threat assessments.

OHS Myth Busters - Workers Compensation Board of PEI not only provides compensation and services to injured workers and their employers, but also offers many prevention services and strategies for Island workplaces. This session will review common misconceptions around Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) and the important role we play in supporting a safe work environment. It will discuss the benefits and contributions of OHS Officers and Education Consultants in helping you create a healthy and safe workplace. Topics will include: The Leadership Link, Safety Culture, the Process of Compliance (it is easier than you think), and Committees that Work. Experience a refreshing approach to Workplace Health and Safety by attending this session.

Radon in the Workplace - This session will answer many of the great questions that employers and workers have about radon, like: What is radon and what are the health effects? How does radon enter buildings and what are the acceptable exposure limits? Throughout this session, participants will learn more about how to measure radon limits, and what to do if the results are higher than the acceptable limits.

Fit for Duty- What Does it Mean in the REAL World? - What do you do when an employee reports to work unfit for duty? What are your responsibilities? Join us for an in-depth discussion on why it is important to have a policy in place, what should be included and what are everyone's responsibilities. Through the session, participants will learn more about what "Fit for Duty" means and how to address it, which includes discussions on how to deal with cannabis in the workplace.

How's and Why's of Workplace Harassment Legislation - This session will review policy writing requirements, and what every employer needs to know when developing a policy, including the legal implications. This session will also walk participants through a step by step investigation process of how to respond when there is a report of workplace harassment.

Silica, It's Not Just Dust - This session will provide an overview of the Respirable Crystalline Silica (RCS) dust hazards in construction and regulation changes which are shaping the industry in Canada and the US. Through the session, we will look at the option of utilizing engineered solutions like dust reduction systems to limit the RCS exposure to those working with or around concrete on the job. Each participant will leave with a better understanding of how to determine and control the exposure level.

Advancing the Safety Culture - This session will provide participants with a background on safety culture with a focus on the "how to's" needed to advance the safety culture. Using real world experiences, we will provide tools and methods that can drive safety culture, resulting in reductions in time-loss days, WCB costs and WCB premiums.

"Take Care" When Dealing with Carbon Monoxide Poisoning - Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBO2) may be required emergently for the treatment of various occupational illnesses and injuries, most commonly decompression sickness in divers, and CO poisoning as a result of industrial accidents. This presentation will describe what HBO2 therapy is, how it works and who may need it. There will be a detailed description of decompression sickness and CO poisoning, ways to improve worker safety and avoid accidents, and discussion of several cases.

Having the Difficult Conversations: A Manager's Role in Building Healthier Workplaces - People managers play an integral role in creating a work environment that supports the psychological health of employees by providing support during times of distress. These conversations can be messy, emotional, and frustrating when they don't lead to successful outcomes and solutions. Learn how you can approach difficult conversations with compassion and empathy while ensuring work still gets done. Join the Canadian Mental Health Association for a hands-on look at simple techniques to make these difficult conversations a little less difficult.

Scaffolding- 10 Questions You Should Be Asking - Do you know what the best practices are for safe access? The scaffolding and access industries are influenced by a myriad of regulations, standards, site policies and manufacturer's instructions. Some are vague, others are misleading - and some even conflict with each other! Only the Law of Gravity remains consistent. This presentation is designed to equip you with important questions you should be asking about height access operations. Just 10 questions will substantially improve your scaffolding and access operations and safety.

Fishing Safety - This breakout session will cover various requirements for safety equipment on fishing boats, best practices for emergency situations on how to use and customize the equipment and will also speak to the importance of PFD's and how they function in the fishing industry. Topics that will also be covered are Transport Canada Fishing Vessel Safety Requirements and PEI Provincial Regulations specific to PEI fishermen.

Protecting Vulnerable Workers in Your Workplace - Vulnerable workers are those who have greater exposure than most to injury and illness due to their lack of experience, reluctance to ask questions, communication barriers and type of work. The term vulnerable worker does not just apply to one group. Some workers are more vulnerable to workplace injury, either due to language barriers or because they are new or young workers. Under the law, employers have responsibilities to protect their workers, and workers have rights and responsibilities as well. Join us to learn how to protect vulnerable workers (or yourselves).

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