Workers Compensation Board of Prince Edward Island

WCB consulting on proposed enhancements to injured worker benefits

June 27, 2022

The Workers Compensation Board (WCB) is seeking feedback on proposed amendments to the Workers Compensation Act and General Regulations to enhance benefits for injured workers and supports for workplace fatalities.




The purpose of workers compensation is to reduce the impact of workplace injuries. The WCB Board of Directors continuously monitors trends and emerging issues to ensure that injured workers are compensated fairly and supported in their recovery and return to work, while maintaining system sustainability and affordability for the employers who fund the system.  




The WCB Board of Directors is responsible to recommend any legislative changes necessary to ensure the workers compensation system remains responsive to the needs of Island workers and employers. As a result of a recent review, the Board is proposing enhancements to:

  • Benefit rates for injured workers
  • Cost of living adjustments for long term benefits.
  • Earnings covered by the WCB
  • Supports for workplace fatalities



Before making recommendations to Government on the associated legislative amendments, the WCB Board of Directors is seeking input from interested Islanders by July 17, 2022. 




“We believe that these enhancements are particularly important in our current economic environment, and can be implemented with minimal impact to employer costs as a result of the WCB’s strong funded position,” said James MacPhee, WCB Board Chair. “We encourage our partners and stakeholders to consider the proposed enhancements and to provide their feedback.”  




* This consultation is now closed. July 17, 2022 *








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