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Getting back is part of getting better campaign highlights recovery from work-related injuries

June 12, 2023

Staying active and connected to the workplace is an important part of recovery following an injury at work. Through its latest campaign, the Workers Compensation Board (WCB) of PEI is reminding workers and employers that getting back is part of getting better. 


“Many people believe that staying away from work following an injury is required to recover, however research supports that returning to work in a safe and meaningful manner promotes recovery and contributes to overall well-being,” said Cheryl Paynter, CEO of the WCB. “The WCB is here to help injured workers and their employers develop safe and effective recovery at work plans.”


Some workers may need time away from work as part of their recovery, but many workers are able to continue working in some capacity after an injury. Work contributes to recovery not only by helping to build strength and stamina, but it also promotes a sense of accomplishment and engagement. In addition, recovering at work helps to maintain social connections, develop skills and continue participation in the goals of an organization, which is good for workers and employers. 


“The WCB works with both employers and health care providers to develop a recovery at work plan, based on the capabilities of an injured worker,” said Kate Marshall, the WCB’s Director of Claims and Compensation. “These plans can include modified work, alternate duties or a gradual increase of work hours through an ease back program.” 

Effective recovery at work plans are important because the longer an injured worker is away from their workplace, their recovery may take longer and become more complex. Last year, over 69,000 working days were lost in the province due to work-related injuries.


In partnership with other WCB counterparts across Atlantic Canada, the ‘Getting back is part of getting better’ campaign was developed to promote recovery and reduce the impacts of work-related injuries in the region.  The campaign will run on TV, social media, and the WCB website, from June 12 to July 2.  


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 The Workers Compensation Board partners with employers and workers in building safe and healthy workplaces and support recovery, if an injury occurs, through the administration of the Workers Compensation Act and the Occupational Health and Safety Act. Urgent workplace health and safety matters can be reported anytime by calling our 24/7 emergency line at 902-628-7513. 


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