Workers Compensation Board of Prince Edward Island

Reporting An Injury

Whenever a work-related injury or illness occurs, employers are required by law to file a claim. Sometimes when an injury occurs, it may initially seem minor, but there may be complications that develop later.

Filing a claim shows there is a record of the injury or illness in case there is a need for further treatment or medical care at a later date. It also contributes to a culture of workplace safety and allows the WCB to track the types of workplace incidents that occur.

A work-related injury or illness is one that:
  • Happens during work.
  • Requires medical treatment.
  • May or may not result in time off work.
If a work-related injury occurs, employers must:
  • Provide their worker with first aid, if treatment is required for the injury.
  • Arrange and pay for immediate transportation to a doctor or medical facility, if necessary.
  • Report all serious work-related injuries, as defined under section 36(1) of the Occupational Health and Safety Act, immediately to the WCB's Occupational Health and Safety Division, 24-hour emergency line, 902-628-7513.
  • File a report with the WCB, within three days of being notified of the injury or illness. Employers can report an injury in two ways:
    • Use the WCB's Online Services, or
    • Complete an Employer's Report and submit it to the WCB:

      Mail and In person
      Workers Compensation Board
      Worker Services
      14 Weymouth Street
      PO Box 757
      Charlottetown PE C1A 7L7


      Physical copies of the Employer's Report are available at the WCB.
When completing the Employer's Report or filing online, keep in mind the following:
  • Fill in the whole form with as much detail as possible. Use our Firm Number Lookup to locate your WCB Firm Number.
  • When completing a physical copy of the form, use a pen and remember to sign the form.
  • Failure to submit the Employer's Report within three days of the employer being notified of the injury or illness may result in fines.
  • An Employer's Report must be completed whether or not the injury or illness results in time off work and regardless of whether or not the worker files a claim themselves. This includes injuries or illnesses that occurred over a period of time, as well as those caused by a single event.
  • An Employer's Report is also required for all work-related injury resulting in death.
The information on your Employer's Report assists us in making a decision on your worker's claim. If you need assistance, we can help. Please contact us.

The WCB also requires information about your injury from your worker and your worker's health care provider.

More information about reporting an injury is available in the WCB's Information for Employers booklet and claims policies.

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