Workers Compensation Board of Prince Edward Island

Young Workers

Did you know that young workers, aged 15-24, are among the highest risk groups for workplace injury?

It is important for everyone - young workers, employers, coworkers, parents and teachers - to understand the importance of workplace safety. The WCB has information and services to help.
  • The Work Out Loud campaign provides tips for you, as a young worker, to own your safety at work and make a safe place for everyone around you.
  • Resources are available for you, as an employer of young workers to support, train and supervise your young workers to do their jobs safely.
  • The WCB offers youth education services to provide training and education to anyone with a stake in young worker safety. We also provide resources for teachers and additional support in the form of in-person delivery of classroom presentations and workshops.
  • WCB offers high school students an opportunity to become a leader in occupational health and safety. For more information check out the OHS Leadership Program.
Hazards exist everywhere in the workplace. Act with safety in mind all day, every day.

Need even more incentive to work safely? Check out our young workers video contest and the Safety Matters Award for graduating high school students.