Workers Compensation Board of Prince Edward Island

Youth Education Services

The WCB is dedicated to protecting young workers, by promoting safe work habits early in life.

The Youth Education Consultant works with Island youth, educators, community organizations and government agencies to raise awareness about young worker safety (ages 15-24), and to develop helpful resources and education initiatives.

Services include:
  • Department of Education, Early Learning and Culture: Consultation on Health and Safety outcomes in the provincial curriculum.
  • Teachers/Educators: Provision of educational resources for teaching Health and Safety in schools.
  • Youth: Safety presentations/ workshops for youth in schools or in the workplace.
  • Employers: Safety presentations/workshops and resources for employers or supervisors of young workers.
  • General community outreach: Generating awareness on young worker safety at related conferences, events and job fairs.
The Youth Education Consultant is available to support Island workplaces by:
  • Gathering resources for use in the workplace.
  • Planning professional development for staff.
  • Delivering on-site information sessions to young workers.
If you would like to discuss how the WCB can assist you in keeping young workers safe, please telephone (902) 368-5697 or email